Twister Dream Finishing SET

This set is to use in addition to the Dream Dance 2 set for the "Dream Big Dance Panel" by Hoffman. You must purchase the Dream big patterns set separately you can use any of the Dream big Panels with this finishing set.

You would just have to have the capabilities of using nodes on the border pieces to adjust them in, to the Pattern set you are using them on.

The Twister Dream is a piecing pattern by "Twister Sisters", using Any of the Dream Big Panels.   

Norma Reel does a wonderful video on using, quilting and placing these patterns. There is a link to her free tips video and her complete video in the PDF that comes with this set..

Note: This set does contain 2 borders and corners that were in the September 2020 Masters club set.

Here is a link to Norma Reel's video doing the Twister Dream. It is very helpful,



Quilted by Norma Reel at

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