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Corrected Pattern:  "Dream Big Rose Piece 6 Corrected" - Replaces the Original pattern in the February 2023 Masters Club & individual pattern set on the site. Click on one of the links below:

Dream Big Rose Piece 6 Corrected - All Quilting Formats (Zip File)

Dream Big Rose Piece 6 Corrected - All Embroidery formats (Zip File)

Corrected Pattern:  "Solar Flare Piece Seven" - Replaces the Original Download in May 2022 Masters Club. Click on one of the Links below:

Solar Flare Piece Seven - All Quilting Formats (Zip File)

Solar Flare Piece Seven - All Embroidery Formats (Zip File)


Below is a PDF of instructions for using the Wide Design E2E Patterns (80 in to 108 in) for Intelliquilter Users:

Intelliquilter Wide Design E2E (80-108 in) Instructions

In the June 2020 Masters Club Patterns there is a set for Michelle Hiatt's quilt called "Holiday Extravaganza".  One of the patterns "HE Lines 1 X 12" comes up as a duplicate of "Lemoyne Star Fill 2".  Click the Link below to download the correct pattern:

HE Lines 1 X 12  (All Formats)

There were also two other patterns missing from the Holiday Extravaganza Set.  Click on the links below to Download:

HE Lemoyne Star Tri Bubble Fill 3 P2P (All Formats)

HE Lemoyne Star Bubble Fill 3 P2P (All Formats)

Corrected Pattern for the Hoffman Dream Big Pattern Set:

Dream Big #9 (All Formats)

Quilting Instructions for Dream Big Panel (Updated 4/9/2019)

Pattern Organization Suggestions

Instructions for download library

Instructions for downloading on this site

Abbreviations list for Wasatch Quilting

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PDF of NY Wheel patterns and layouts

PDF of Pioneer Satchel Instructions