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090418 Feather Tri P2P XS
Price: $10.00
090418 Feather Tri P2P XXS
Price: $10.00
090418 P2P 2 Tri
Price: $10.00
1015 Tri P2P A
Price: $10.00
1015 Tri P2P B
Price: $10.00
1015 Tri P2P C
Price: $10.00
1015 Tri P2P C half
Price: $10.00
60 degree 14 and a half leafy tri P2P
Price: $15.00
60 degree lines and pearls Tri P2P
Price: $10.00
60 degree Tri Bubble
Price: $10.00
60 degree Tri half circles 2 P2P
Price: $10.00
60 degree Tri Lines 5 P2P
Price: $10.00
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60 Degree Triangle

A 60 Degree Triangle is one where all angles are the same and all sides are the same length.  It is also called an Equilateral Triangle.

Curved Triangles

curved, triangles

Extra Large Triangles

extra, large, triangles

Flying Geese

Digitized Quilting Patterns for Flying Geese

Half Square Triangle (HST)

The Half Square Triangle (HST) is one of the more basic units in quilting.  It is a triangle made from a perfect square cut on the diagonal.

All of our patterns that have "HST" in the name are shapes that have been made from a Half Square Triangle, ie; parallelogram, trapezoid, ect... 

Isosceles Triangles

Isosceles Triangles are ones that have have at least two equal sides

Odd Shaped Triangles

Odd, shaped, triangles

Right Triangle

A Triangle where on corner is a Right Angle.  To use in opposite corners just Mirror the pattern