Peacock Tail E2E


All quilt and embroidery formats are included in this download


11.52 Wide X 8.82 High

Use a Negative Vertical spacing of –4.3

This is a deeply nested pattern




Price: $15.00

Product Reviews

Average rating 4/5

Rebecca Deming Rumpf — January 9, 2021 — Rating 4/5

This design is gorgeous! I just stitched this out on a brand-new quilter's first ever quilt, and she loves it. The customer was disappointed upon finishing her flimsy that her 8" snowball blocks in tonal solids looked plainer than she had hoped once she got her whole King-sized top put together. Her favorite fabric in her quilt was the Peacock Flourish print that looks similar to this quilting design, but on a much smaller scale, so this was the perfect pairing of quilt design to quilt top in order to amplify that peacock feathers look the new quilter had hoped for. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it is definitely not a fast stitching design that would be my go-to feather panto. Running my machine at the slower speed, however, the design stitched out beautifully. The stitch path is very well thought out, distributing fullness evenly so I didn't have to babysit the machine throughout stitching. However, because of that, it's not obvious where you are in the design if you have a thread break in the areas where the plumes connect to the spine. Once when I restarted, I missed stitching a portion of the design because of that and had to go back and restitch that area. Totally worth it on the right quilt. Oh, and I found that I had to use a row height of 8.732" and a gap/negative vertical spacing of -5.583" in order to get the look shown here, which gave me a Pattern Height of 14.315". That's a little too tight for comfort for me on my 26" APQS Millennium but I did not want to shrink it smaller and have it be way too dense. I would not want to try to stitch this one out if my throat space was any smaller (and I was wishing I had the 30" Millie the whole time!). Thanks for making me look good with your beautiful design!

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