More Square Drama E2E

Quilted by Norma Reel of Norma's Quilt Studio
Quilted by Rebecca Rumpf

(9.64 in Wide X 9.20 in High)


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Price: $15.00

Product Reviews

Average rating 5/5

Rebecca Deming Rumpf — December 28, 2020 — Rating 5/5

Just used this design on a simple charm square top for a NICU donation quilt, and it stitched beautifully. Lots of movement, no backstitching, and the rows nestle nicely so you really can't see where one row ends and the next begins. More Square Drama has an organic feel, as though it was free motion quilting, and I love how this design can suggest so many different things depending on the fabrics it's quilted on: it can look like marshmallows, or Flintstone wheels, or roses, or ice cubes... It would work for a modern quilt just as easily as for a child's quilt, and I love that it has a geometric feel that is softened with curves. Created beautiful texture without stiffness, and it's so different from the other patterns in my collection. Will be using this one again for sure.

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