Modern Diamonds 1 E2E

(88 in Wide X 12 in High)


All Quilting & Embroidery Formats are in the Download

For Statler Users;                                                                                                  This pattern is used by setting up in repeat patterns, it is created at a 90 inch width, define your quilting area, select the area, right click and use fill inside and end of set. See quilted out photo.

For IQ Users;                                                                                                           This design was created at a 90" default. Make your block larger than your quilt. Bring in my Modern design and adjust spacing, height, etc... according to your preference, repeat horizontally until the block is filled, combine. Clip the block per your clipping preference. the design will stitch back and forth the entire quilt...

The difference in the 5 diamond patterns if it is diamonds 2 that means it has 2 inches between each row, diamond 3 would be 3 inches and so on

You can buy one of these and experiment by changing the tail size yourself... 

Price: $15.00

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