Dream Big Again Hoffman Set 2

"Dream Big Again" This is Our second set for the Dream Big Panel  Every petal is its own pattern and designed to fit in that space. It is designed to give a 3D round Robbin effect. There are 57 patterns in this set giving it a retail value of $570.00

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The photo by Jean Gordon she used in inner leaves from "Dream Big Again" and the outer potion was the original "Dream Big" patterns...



Quilted by Jean Gordon of Inner Grove Heights MN
quilted by Joan Knight

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Product Reviews

Average rating 3/5

Teddy Gardner — March 30, 2019

Incredible ????

Mary Cash — March 22, 2021 — Rating 1/5

I spent over a week trying to get all the puzzle pieces together into one panel. NEVER got the pieces to match without overlap.
Quilting is a BIG pain!
BEWARE! Especially, if you are manually guiding the machine. You can align an individual pattern with the panel, but many do not fill the petal on the panel. So now there are many places which will need filled in after everything else is complete.
Way to pricey to have this many issues.

Sheila Schmidt — April 22, 2021 — Rating 5/5

I have an Intelliquilter and was really impressed with this set. Did have to distort and adjust some panels to fit, due to fabric draw but I expected that. The quilt is looking fabulous and I will definitely do more.

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