3D Zig Zag 90 E2E

This pattern is included in Dec. 2020 Artisans club

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(Extended Width)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE STATLER STITCHER Use Repeat pattern with this make sure you lock your repeats and rows before you place it on the screen then put in the number of rows you need to fill your quilt. This particular pattern you do not need to connect the left side it will connect for you. If your quilt is not as wide as the E2E do not shrink it. Draw a boundary the total size of your quilting area and use, fill inside, to fill the area. after you have quilted your first pass. Click on roll quilt and place your laser light at the very end of the last stitch you took on the previous row, when it asks you if the needle is at the last point stitched say yes and it will reset for you. Check your points and make sure your next row is in position and continue in the same manner.

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