Contempo E2E Deluxe Set


All Quilting Formats are included in this download

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***NEW Contempo E2E’s” are here!  hundreds of possibilities for your quilts especially Borgello, Chevron, Strip and any quilt that has a diagonal appearance or any of your customers that do not want a normal E2E… Please see the examples at the end of this months pdf.   The possibilities are endless I could have included 50 pages on ways to use these, let your imagination go with them.   I included 11 so you would have enough to play with.  Don’t be afraid to use them and send us pictures on how you implemented them.  *Please note they are deeply nested the first and last are in the middle of the pattern. If you have a diamond shape you want to use them on, the template I used was back to back 60 degree triangles….


 All of the Contempo E2E's diamonds were made with 60 degree triangles and therefore can be used in any diamond made with a 60 degree triangle making them very versatile!  (They are all approx.  8 in Wide X 14 in High)



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