Star Block Patterns

If you look up star blocks on the internet it gets a little confusing. 

Look at your block carefully to determine which star fill you have one made of exact diamonds or one made from parallelograms...





3 x 4 V Shape 621
Price: $10.00
5 Star on Pt sashing Crnr Blk
Price: $8.00
8 Point Holly Star
Price: $10.00
8 Point Holly Star Feathers
Price: $10.00
8 pointed star blk Jubilee HST 4
Price: $10.00
8 Pointed star fill
Price: $10.00
8 pointed star fill 2
Price: $10.00
8 Pointed Star Piece
Price: $8.00
8 ptd star blk
Price: $10.00
8 Ptd Star Blk - P2P Tri
Price: $10.00
8 Ptd Star Blk 2A
Price: $10.00


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Carpenter Star

carpenter, star, fill, patterns

Friendship Star

friendship, star, block, fill, patterns

Hunter Star

Hunter, Star, Star, Block, patterns

Iowa Star

iowa, star, fill, patterns

LeMoyne Star

Star, block, patterns, LeMoyne, Star, Le Moyne

Ohio Star

ohio, star, fill, patterns